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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching Up

Yes, I admit it! I had to step away from the blog for a bit - but I had some good reasons. No, really, they were valid. First, I've been working every spare moment I have on Book Two and I have another project in the works that I'll be telling a little more about in a future post. Second, for those that don't know, on the side I'm also a photographer and I had the privilege of recently photographing a very large event. This means I'm now editing hundreds of photos so I will be very busy for awhile.
Finally, (and this is my favorite reason of all) my husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary at my favorite place. It's the very location that inspired so much of Sea Dweller, and when I really thought about it, this book was in the making over sixteen years ago when I first discovered this place.
I'm going to tell you all about it as well as illustrate it with some cool photos. And there's even going to be a drawing for a large print of one of the photos I feature.
But it's late, I'm exhausted, and I have to get up really early and teach a class so this is all going to happen on Monday. But come back! I've got so much to tell you!

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