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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bit O' Change

I really like change. I've never been one to love my surroundings or environment so much that the thought of something changing gave me reason to lament. Through my teen years, I'd get so bored with routine and I'd desperately crave some excitement in my life. Well, as fourteen year old, rule-following, straight laced nerd (Yes, I admit it, I was a nerd), there wasn't a whole lot to do to generate excitement. So, when I was desperate for some sort of alteration to my life, I usually did something truly brilliant like chop all my hair off. Or dye it a really bad brassy blond - which, believe me, is NOT my color. In fact, for some reason, my hair usually took the brunt of my need for change/control in my life. This didn't help my "nerd" situation much because whatever I tended to do never looked that great and I usually ended up in my mother's hairdresser's chair wondering why I couldn't just leave things alone.
But fast forward many years later (yeah, I'm not gonna tell you how many) and I still haven't quite kicked my need for change. Luckily, I don't lash out at my hair so much anymore. I've allowed my husband to have a bit of a say in that and well, being bribed to keep my locks long doesn't hurt either. However, I still get bored and seek out ways of creating something new. When I'm not writing or taking care of my kids, I'm sewing a new dress or playing around in Photoshop, even with old photos I'd once forgotten about.
So, it's no surprise that I went back to some of my old covers for "Sea Dweller" and decided to start altering a few of them. At first it was merely just for fun after a long day of writing, editing business photos, and hearing my sons beat the snot out of each other in the background. But after a while, one in particular really grew on me although it was never one of my favorites in the past.
Apparently, it's now my cover of choice.
So, the updated cover for "Sea Dweller" is:

Granted, this isn't everyone's favorite but for now, it's mine. And the nice thing about it is that unlike a really bad hair cut, it can be changed quickly if I want. But in the meantime, something about this one just made me want to step into the picture and stay there for awhile.
Now. . . as for an update about book two, let me just promise that it's coming. I've had some really wonderful reviews from such encouraging people and I can't express my thanks enough for those kind words. My readers in Australia have been such a delight and a surprise and now, here in the US, Sea Dweller is staying near the top of Amazon's free list in several categories. I hope it can stay there for a bit while I crank out the last bit of book two. Soon, I will post the book description, the title, and maybe I can even put an excerpt or two up.
Download Sea Dweller if you haven't yet while it's free! 

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