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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Check out Sara B. Gauldin!

Don't miss the intense new novel by: Sara B. Gauldin:  Aware!

This new edition invites us back into the tale of our star-crossed lovers; now existing on Earth in mortal form. As the newness of their mortal lives slips away, so do their childhoods. Terra and Liam find that the world they inhabit is something completely different that the peaceful humanity they had hoped for.
As Terra has grown in her understanding of humanity, the world as she knows it has become a mask for something far more sinister and only she stands between the mortal world and the hidden evil that seeks to destroy it. But she cannot fight alone. With time running out, fighting a lonely battle against legions of corrupted spirits and her hopes of success waning, she must find a way to warn humanity’s other guiding spirits, and protect her soul mate Liam from the scourge.
Will Terra succeed? Will she and Liam have a future together? Will humanity have any future at all?
Reenter the world of Terra and Liam and find out in book two of the Corporeal Pull series!
The Origins of the Corporeal Pull Series: Input by Sara B. Gauldin
Many readers have asked me where the idea for The Corporeal Pull series came from. The original characters and premise came from a very vivid dream that I had several times. I was going through a difficult period in my life. I was watching my father lose his battle with cancer. I think watching his final days primed my mind to wonder about the hereafter. A brush with death at a young age left me acutely aware of my own mortality. This series is a work of fantasy, but it does contain elements of spirituality and innate purpose that are plentiful in organized religion. To that end, the book was written to carry out a plot that I found too intriguing to keep to myself. A few reviewers have labeled the first book in the series "a philosopher's fantasy". To that end I don't consider myself terribly philosophical. I am merely inquisitive.
I have fallen in love with Terra and Liam. Originally this plot was intended for one full length novel. I realized half way through the first book that one novel would not be enough to contain this couple's love or to describe the action packed journey they take to preserve it! Book two, Aware is a continuation of that journey. I hope my readers enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

The first book in the Corporeal Pull series, Alive was released in January, 2014.

When Terra met Liam, her limited view on her eternal existence was forever altered. How can she as an immortal guide be paired with a mortal soul mate? Terra is faced with the unthinkable task of sending her love to his corporeal life and to his destruction. She must make a choice, or she will lose Liam to the pervasive evil that is steadily claiming the mortal world as its own!

This epic tale of good versus evil examines the age-old question of “why me” that all earth-bound travelers must ask. Alive: The Corporeal Pull is a story of love that transcends both time and the mortal plane. This action-packed love adventure will invite you in and leave you breathless!

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