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Short Version:

Some of Melanie Atkinson's happiest memories are from the summers she stayed with her grandmother at her home on the cliffs of the Oregon coast. Many of those experiences show up in her writing and still spark her imagination.
When she isn't writing stories (something she realized she loved to do at the age of eight) or dreaming of living near the ocean, she's caring for her four children, sewing dresses from vintage patterns, or playing in Photoshop. 
Sea Dweller is her first novel.


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  2. Someday I will write something here. Really!

  3. Haha! Love this. Nice to meet you, Melanie! I just saw the write up about you in the Mountain Times, a local paper. I'm from the same town as you & an author as well. My first full length novel comes out in Sept with a great little local press. I have had an agent for 5 yrs and have been super close to contracting with a big house but no cigar. Now that the world of publishing is changing so rapidly, my agent and I are looking at all those great and varying options. I LOVE to see people taking the indie plunge and doing well. All the very best to you! (I'm at if you want to "meet".)

  4. Hi Camille! Thank you so much for commenting! I'll check out your page right away and it's so good to hear from another local writer!