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Birthstone Series

Book One: Sea Dweller
Book Description: 
Aylen is fed up with being an outcast on the secluded island of Vairda. Her parents seem to promote her pariah status by forbidding her to participate in any of the island customs and after sixteen years, they still refuse to tell her anything about the mysterious mainland they left shortly before her birth. Meanwhile, her only friend and the boy she loves, Sai, is suddenly distancing himself because his family doesn’t approve of the time he spends with “the girl who isn’t a native.”
Aylen desperately wants more than just the life of an outsider and she’s determined to figure out how to get it even if it means defying every rule her parents have given her. But the night she finds a strange gem that gives her the ability to breathe underwater, Aylen thinks she may have found a way to leave the island for good. As she learns to use the gem, Aylen begins to uncover the dark secrets about her parents’ pasts, and the peril which made them leave the mainland in the first place.

When Aylen realizes her parents’ secrets were protecting her from a harrowing fate, she is forced to decide whether to follow her own path, the path her parents have chosen for her, or the one they are trying to save her from. But before she can make a choice, the island is overrun by the same dangers her parents fled from long ago and Aylen knows she may be the only one who can save her family, the entire island, and herself from destruction. With help from Sai and her gem, Aylen must find the strength to fight for those she loves as well as the courage to choose her own fate.

Book Two: Heiress
Book Description:
In the follow up to Sea Dweller, Aylen must return to the her parent's homeland to learn how to control her gems before they consume her. When she discovers the only way to ensure Sai's safety is to leave him behind, she insists he remain on their secluded island home. While Aylen faces a new world and a land in peril, Sai takes matters into his own hands. Though he knows his decision may cost him his life, Sai is determined to follow the girl he loves across an ocean. Through their unique journeys, Aylen and Sai must both make difficult choices and learn to rely on their own strength. As Aylen masters her abilities and gains the confidence of an oppressed kingdom, Sai’s choice to follow Aylen produces agonizing consequences that will change their lives- and their relationship- forever.


  1. When I find a book I love I reread them like the are old friends. Can't wait to read book two. I feel in love with your book and will read it when I want to visit boards.

  2. Loved your book. It has become one of my favorites. Hope you can make this a series of stories so I can visit them often.